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Property Evaluation Services, Inc. Mission Statement

Property Evaluation Services, Inc. was founded on the principles of responsibility in customer service; efficiency in workmanship and consistently reliable expertise dispensed by qualified professionals. We are committed to providing competent and accredited third party, real estate evaluations and advisory services.

Appraisal Services and Code of Ethics

Our comprehensive list of appraisal services includes reports for residential, rentals, hobby farms , as well as vacant lot and agricultural land market valuations; replacement cost analysis for insurance and appraisals for litigation and arbitration purposes. With a proven track record for service excellence in the southern Oklahoma area, Property Evaluation Services, Inc. adheres to all regulations and codes of conduct as outlined in the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice.

Committed Appraisers

With an extensive record of proven efficiency, Property Evaluation Services, Inc. is committed to providing the highest level of service and appraisal reports that meet each client’s specific needs. We are certified members in good standing of the American Society of Appraisers, National Association of Independent Fee Appraisers, and are fully insured against all liability.

The Property Evaluation Services, Inc. Team

Our entire team of Certified professionals is comprised of well-trained specialists, experienced in the fields of residential property appraisal, including single family homes, 1-4 unit housing, manufactured homes and hobby farms. Property Evaluation Services, Inc. also offers expert witnesses authorized to provide testimony in a court of law, in addition to offering consultation in all areas of real estate advisory activities, including market feasibility studies, assessment appeals and lease disputes, among others.

Sources and Affiliations

Property Evaluation Services, Inc. maintains an extensive electronic database that allows us to serve clients to the highest level in any type of real estate transaction and advisory activity. We are available to discuss the entire appraisal process during a free consultation carried out in the strictest of confidence. Please call our office for more information and for answers to any questions you may have.

Who Needs Real Estate Appraisal?

Property Evaluation Services, Inc. has provided a broad range of services to a client base that includes everyone from the typical homeowner, a diverse range of real estate sellers, home and commercial real estate buyers and an extensive list of professionals including attorneys, accountants, major financial institutions and government agencies.

Appraisal Report Types

In a timely fashion, we provide accurate appraisal reports within the full scope of standard form reports and narrative format types to meet the specific needs of our clients and in keeping with all pertinent industry guidelines.

Facts About Appraisal Confidentiality and Ethics

An appraiser is bound to protect the confidentiality of the client. An appraiser must not disclose confidential information or results for a client unless specifically authorized by the client to do so. An appraiser must always act in good faith with regard to the legitimate interest of the client and in the communication of assignment results. An appraiser must comply with, and remain aware of, all confidentiality and privacy laws and regulations applicable in an assignment

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